Friday, January 3, 2014

The Bathrobe Saga

My kids are funny.  They have been anti bathrobe for, well, forever!  But I got a pretty new bathrobe for Christmas and since then, KC has felt he should have a bathrobe. I pointed out that he had a perfectly usable brown dinosaur bathrobe.  He said it was too brown. Too small. Too lightweight.   I was not about to invest money in something he will likely not wear a lot.  And the fates smiled on me when yesterday a co-worker gave me a bag of clothing her son had outgrown.  Inside was--you guessed it! A beautiful nearly new bathrobe. (apparently it is not just my kids who do not wear bathrobes with any regularity!)  KC was in his glory.   Now, Miss Lissa was in a snit.

Yes, the pretty princess wanted a bathrobe.  She is even less likely to wear a bathrobe as she is more prone to being warm than KC.  So I told her she could have KC's old bathrobe.  The lip curled. "DINOSAURS?"  she asked with horror. "Really, Ooma, what are you thinking?"  Indeed.

So I said the dinos would disappear. From K's small fabric stash I cut batik hearts.  K appliqued them by machine over the offending dinosaurs.  I found red ruffle trim.  Red is Lissa's current favorite color and also the color of my bathrobe.  I sewed it on top of the bathrobe's cuffs.  To add bling, I took fabric paint and decorated all the hearts.  There is not a dino to be seen.  It will be ready for her to wear tomorrow morning.  Anyone want to place bets on how many times it is worn?  LOL

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Anonymous said...

I'm always very impressed with how creative you are! I generally don't have either the time, ideas or patience! I'm sure Lissa will love the robe.