Saturday, March 7, 2009


Lissa is in bed. I don't know how well or how long she will sleep tonight. I know that when I have a migraine every time I turn my head in my sleep i wake up. I would guess it might be like that with a sore leg too, but will hope for healing restful sleep for her. My arms are tired from lugging her around all day. I didn't feel comfortable putting her in a sling or a rebozo because I wasn't sure if it would be more uncomfortable for her and the poor punkin was uncomfy enough.

On the plus side, she wanted to be held. I consider all such times with my kids to have really good side benefits of additional closeness and bonding. Lissa is my most independent of children and though I certainly wouldn't doubt that she is bonded to us, sometimes a day like today shows you how much and how deeply the bonding is.

The other plus side is that holding her a lot gives me an opportunity to do what my kids call 'healing hands.' This is nothing that can be quantitatively proven scientifically and veers scarily into the woo-woo land but I can tell you regardless of that that it works. It has lessened Robbie's headaches, eased various aches and pains for KC and today helped Lissa. In fact I could feel her body relax and still when I did the treatments. Holding her so much allowed me to feel when her body was starting to tense with the pain again and I would repeat the treatment.

It is sort of tiring though after a while. It is a lot of conscious thought and energy work and I was glad when bed time came and she was down for the night. I have had a bit of time to relax myself and have restored my own mental energies with my favorite food to eat when stressed--Saltine crackers!!!

Tomorrow I have a meeting at church and I am supposed to help plan a retreat for the religious education committee. I have not really a shred of an idea at this point and not any firing brain cells at the moment to do anything about it. We will hope for divine inspiration while I sleep! LOL

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Rambleman said...

I hope that Lissa heals and feels awesome really soon! *HUGS*