Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Take Two

OK so yesterday was the day from h*ll. I spent most of the day dealing with tech support (kind of a misnomer in my opinion as they were not supportive or helpful.) What kind of company sends out a mandatory upgrade to their system and at the same time you install it you have to down load a patch to FIX it? Why wouldn't your techie geniouses have done it right the first time? But I digress. I went home last night feeling like my head was permanently kinked to the right from holding the phone there while I typed on the computer w/ the various techies impatiently giving me instructions. I filled a whole page with service call log numbers. The problem still exists and nothing has been resolved.

I decided I needed self medication. I had a bowl of ice cream after the kids were all bathed and ready for bed. I usually avoid icecream because of the migraine connection. I figure I am screwed for a headache after this anyway. So much face time on the computer and so much time kinking my neck, might as well enjoy the ice cream! LOL

I was going to watch a movie we had taped but KC showed up in the work room so he and I watched a segment of America's Best Dance Crew together. I love dance shows and he does too. He spent his time deciding which of the moves he thought he could all ready do, which he would have to work on and which he would never be able to do.

Then we went to bed. He woke up in the night with his ear ache bothering him again so I got him meds for htat. Then he woke up with a bad dream. Apparently he has the same dream over and over about a "bad guy" stomping our house down. Amazingly at 3 a.m. I was able to have a conversation about this. I told him that he could take charge of the dream cause it was his dream. He knew mom and i would keep him safe and he could change the dream so that we were with him and we stomped the bad guy instead of letting him stomp our house down. He cuddled and listened and went back to sleep . . . and woke me at 4 a.m. to tell me it worked! LOL

Ah if only solving my computer problem was so easy. Back to the computer woes. Lights camera action. take 2!

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Rambleman said...

Having gone through and techie problems not long ago, I empathize totally with you!
Glad KC was able to make your advice on the dream work, that's cool.
Hope you enjoyed that ice cream and the headache wasn't too bad. *hugs*