Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Home with the kiddos

It always feels a bit odd to me when I am home with the kids on a work day. Not if I am on vacation but that odd--only here cause of someone having an appointment--kind of day. I can't really totally relax, partly because i know tomorrow is back to work. Partly also because I had to get Chet off to work by 7:15 or so. But don't get me wrong, feeling slightly odd and all it has still been nice.

Lissa and KC and I made a giant Easter bunny to decorate our front picture window. He is standing there painting an egg and there are a lot of tissue paper eggs and tissue paper grass underneath him. We went outside briefly and admired him; it is very brisk today. I am sick of brisk aka winter cold, but I know March is an up and down kind of month weather wise. It also wouldn't be quite so bad but the wind is whipping so much sand from winter storms around that I feel like I am in the Mojave desert or something. I worry about sand in the kids eyes too, so we are not taking a walk today or anything like that.

I had time to play with Lissa's hair a bit. We still haven't tried out all the new hair bobs we got! I also think I'll scoot over to youtube and see if I can find some info on straw sets. I read about it and it sounds like it would work for her hair but I can't quite visualize it from reading.

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