Sunday, March 15, 2009

Weary Weekend

I usually adore weekends, but this one, was really a tiring one. Saturday I had an all day retreat thing for church. It was not bad to be with these people and do this work. It is work I am passionate about (the education program for children and youth) and I like everyone I spent the day with. But I really really treasure my family time. And there was none during most of Saturday.

Kirsty had arranged to have the day off from work but in a further stroke of bad luck awoke very ill. I also felt anxious leaving her home to care for the kids with no help feeling as ill as she did. Being two of the last surviving americans with no cell phones, it also meant it would be difficult though not impossible for me to be contacted if she suddenly became extremely ill and i needed to bail. So there was stress there.

Lissa was on my mind all day as well. She hasn't walked since falling last Saturday. She has made steady improvements but it has been very unclear to either of us if the improvement is sufficient or an indication of something else which should be investigated further. Hamstrung by our physician being away for vacation we have waited out this week on pins and needles. Because I am a virgo and really anal I have made notes of everything i have noted in her abilities, responses etc.

All of which made it hard to be fully present emotionally and intellectually at the retreat, but I got it done. Not the best job I ever did facilitating a retreat but not the worst I have done either.

Sunday Robbie's coming of age class was making a trip to a large city about 40 minutes away. I needed to have him at church at 8:20 in the morning to board the bus. I promised Kirsty that I would bring not just KC with me but also Elisabeth and that way she could go back to bed and rest. I expected that Chet would be along as well; he normally is, but he declined.

I got up at about 6 and made a gigantic lunch for Rob to bring on the trip with him. They would be walking around the city all day and my guy can EAT! I baked up some cookies and made a big veg chicken sandwich, added chips, candy fruit and his water bottle. Made a big breakfast so he and the rest of the troops were stoked up to start the day. Except for KC of course, who can't stand the sight or smell of food till he has been up for at least 30 minutes. Got everyone dressed. Discovered about then that Chet wasn't coming. It was a lay led service and a fully musical program. The program was Vivaldi's Gloria. Chet announced he only likes Vivaldi's Four Seasons and therefore he had no reason to attend. Ok then! Got to Dunkins and got KC breakfast and the other kids the second part of their breakfast.

Headed to church and got Rob off on the bus. KC and Lissa and i hung around till quarter of 9 when the prelude started and we entered the sanctuary. Normally there is childrens programming for KC but not this week. However, I am a firm believer in exposing children to as many varieties of music as possible. I love almost all kinds of music even though I am totally unable to read music or play a note of recognizable music. LOL

I also believe that kids can learn to behave appropriately in mostly adult venues. I think many times we sell kids short and don't give them the opportunities to learn how to conduct themselves. Most times I think our kids want to behave as we would like them to and will rise to that occasion. I do have some spectacular situations with Chet which would tend to disprove that theory but I sort of regard him as outside the normative childrearing experience.

At any rate, dispite the fact that the service ran 15 minutes over, the kids were great. I do bring crayons and drawing paper but they are able to sit quietly. They also enjoyed the music and watching the violinist and the cellists. And the soaring melodies of Vivaldi helped wash away the stress and worry of the previous day. It was truly beautiful and transportive. I left renewed, and this afternoon had the added bonus of spending much of the afternoon at the park playing. So I am not so weary as I might have been and can face Monday after all.

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