Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Don't Talk to Social Workers on a bad day

Especially when they aren't really "my" social worker. I called Fiona's social worker to try and get more details. Fi said she was moving but was vague as to details. She is sort of vague about that kind of thing anyway. She can't read a calendar so I thought a call was in order. Of course my first chance to call was after 4 hours of h**l with my computer program for federal paperwork here at work. And after dealing with uncooperative federal beaurocrats about another work related matter. So needless to say, I was in fine fetter.

To the social workers credit she answered her phone. You don't know how huge that is. The previous social worker would NEVER answer her phone. I would leave at least 14 voice mails before I would get a call back. If I was lucky. Usually after 14 voice mails I would give up and try and get the info another way. So the poor woman answered. I explained who I was. Why I was calling. Was Fiona moving. Well yes she was but she (sw) and Fi's therapist had now decided to stop talking about it with her. The unspoken reason for that is they have now made Fiona start to freak out over moving.

I said it would be helpful to know when she moves as I write to her every week to ten days and I wanted to be sure she didn't stop receiving mail. SW agreed to take my name and number down again so she could let me know. And then, I don't know, aliens took over my tongue or something. Because the next thing I said was "so let me guess, you are going to put her in a group home with less supervision so she can destabalilze all over the place again." Silence on the phone. Finally I say "so what kind of placement are you putting her in???" Answer, "less restrictive group home environment." Yippee. This has happened twice all ready. Both times she fails. Hugely. Has tried self harm. Has tried to harm others. Has acted out sexually. Can not succeed with out a high level of structure and supervision. I wish I could really believe that it would be different this time around. But I have a hard time believing that. And the last time she was in a really crappy hospital environment for months and months before this placement came up. Sigh.

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