Wednesday, March 11, 2009

This hasn't exactly been the greatest of weeks thus far. I had a stomach bug; something I live in fear of passing on to KC who seems to have wonky digestive issues. Last year after a bug that laid us all low for 24 hours, he was the only one unable to recover well and wound up on 6 months of reflux meds because the acid balance in his stomach or something was so messed up.

So I have felt crappy and have been worrying about him. He is someone who is all over me (and everyone else!) most of the time so there is totally no doubt I have exposed him. Sigh.

Elisabeth is still not really bearing weight on her leg. She can sit unsupported. She can stand holding onto the side of the tub, but I can also see that the tub wall is bearing part of the weight. She is not taking pain meds any longer but whimpers when you change her position. She doesn't seem as uncomfortable when she has a diaper change. She can and does let me move the leg in the tub without showing any discomfort. A real mixed bag. The ER notes said to wait 3-5 days for improvement. We split it in the middle as today is day 4. We called our primary doc to find out the office is closed for vacation. Got the name of the covering Dr but that also means that he does not have her xray films--those were sent by the ER to our family physician. Also his office doesn't open till 9:30 and he is notorious for extremely long waits so this should be interesting. But I am not feeling that her recovery is moving along the way it should. When KC had a deep bruise from tripping over the cat last year he couldn't walk for a couple days but was then actively trying to walk and get back to business as usual. Lissa doesn't even want to try. She is a highly mobile child normally so this is odd and upsetting.

I definately didn't feel we got the best possible treatment at ER--but I also hate hospitals with a deep and abiding passion (fodder for another much longer post!) so I know too that I may not view any hospital experience with a clear and unbiased eye. Still. . . I want my baby tearing through the house again!

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Rambleman said...

Hope that she feels much more mobile soon. *hugs*