Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Of Pre-teen Mating Rituals

Well, maybe not exactly mating---at least I hope not! LOL But I have been watching Robbie and noticing how interesting that 12 to nearly 13 year old time is. On the one hand, Rob truly doesn't want to leave the safety of childhood behind. He also missed a bunch of things when he was under 5 that are very much the norm in our family. Thankfully he has managed to go through many of those experiences with his younger sibs. I never remark on how unusual it is for a 12 year old to enjoy some of the things he enjoys. I am just glad he enjoys them.

But Sunday I noticed that a new side of Rob is developing. He and a girl in his church school coming of age group are I think mutually interested in one another. Kay also happens to be adopted, incidently. It was fun for me to clandestinely observe their interactions during Fellowship time. They mostly consist of sitting together on the couch. They are happy to let KC join them apparently but he has to sit on the far side of Rob. :-) Kay does silly things like ask Rob to get her sneakers for her (what is it anyway with kids taking off their shoes at the oddest times?) Rob smirking back and pretending he has no clue what she is asking, and then ultimately delegating the chore to KC. KC is thrilled at being given a "job" and Kay acts outraged that Rob used his "little brother as a slave" which makes Rob laugh even harder.

Later in the day, KC was bugging me for gum. I don't give 4 year olds gum. I reminded him of that and he pointed out that Robbie had gum. I hadn't given Rob gum either so I idly asked how Rob got it. "Well Kay of course," KC announced in that "duh parent" voice that one does not expect from a 4 year old.

I know there are going to be times on this road that i am going to WISH for the naivety of younger child behaviors, but a big part of me is glad that he is feeling safe enough (or is that just hormonal enough?) to spread his wings a bit.

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Rambleman said...

Oh yeah, the joys of the aging hormones. I'm just taking it as it comes and hoping I don't do the wrong thing... parentally speaking.