Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Fiona's Coming to Visit!

Fiona comes for an essentially unsupervised 3 hour family visit this Saturday! I am so excited.  She will arrive noonish which is great as the kids can't really miss dance class. Recital is but weeks away and KC is so into dance.  We will do lunch here at home.  She wanted to eat out but I said she could help me get lunch instead. (LOL)  Eating out is fun but we also want to go to a glow in the dark mini golf place at our nearby mall and I know it will take a while for a family our size to get through the course.  Then we will come home and make some cupcakes to have a small early birthday honoring for KC. His birthday is Tuesday (more on that in a future post) and I think she will enjoy being part of things.  It isn't a big presenty event Saturday, just decorating the cupcakes together and singing happy birthday.  Then we will play out in the back yard weather permitting before it is time for her to go back to the Great School.

I am incredibly lucky because Amazing Jane is transporting both ways and that is a huge blessing to me.  I have had a fair number of migraines lately.  (a combo of work stress, spring allergies and who knows what) But it makes me edgy about distance driving and I abhor city driving at the best of times. 

I am so glad she will be home with us for a fairly extended visit.

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