Monday, April 23, 2012

And then he was 8???

 April 17th was a big day at our house as KC turned 8.  I can't wrap my mind around 8, but there you have it, he really truly IS 8.  The same age that Rob was when we met that teeny little KC in the NICU.  Once so helpless and so utterly dependent, that little guy has grown.  Into a pretty adventurous and confident fellow.  An artist. A dancer. A musician. And a comedian. Definately a comedian.  This year, he chose a Mario theme for his party.  There was a mural.  It was cool.  It didn't really photograph well so please take my word for it! LOL  There were party goers, dressed as Luigi (above) Princess Peach (below)

 Mario and an extra Luigi!  LOL  KC actually had a costume of Luigi he was set on wearing until the temps climbed to record busting 87 degrees.
 There was Mario jumping over a mushroom on his birthday cake.
 And KC got his very own, skateboard.  (sigh) He has been using one of Rob's old boards and really REALLY wanted his own.
But art stuff and books still bring a grin as well.  I love watching your face light up.  I love watching you carefully store every single card you get so you can look at them over and over.  Happy Birthday KC!  Oh, and he told me he has all ready picked out his theme for next year--outer space!  Sort of perfect for exploring new things, new horizons and having new experiences. 

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