Saturday, April 21, 2012

Guardianship for Fiona

A  comment on my blog asked if I had considered becoming Fiona's legal guardian.  This is very much a possibility if things go well.  In Fiona's case, she is supposed to be able to remain at the Great School till age 22 so we have 2 more years before there will be a transition.  The main fly in the ointment is that the DCF who still oversee her case did not want to transfer oversight up here. We are significantly away distance wise and I feel to be as present as I want to be and as I should be in Fiona's life, we need to be geographically closer.

Recently DCF has begun to make noises that they would reconsider this edict which would allow us to look into DMR and DMH services in my area and group homes etc that are much closer to us.  Jane is very supportive of this and so was Fi's last social worker--who went out on maternity leave 2 weeks ago and now we have to explain all this to the new worker.

I don't live with uncertainty particularly well.  The ambiguity of all this drives me round the bend.  When I get stressed about this though, I remind myself that my daughter has lived with this her whole life.  With other people calling the shots, with moves she has had no input in and control over, with general uncertainty.  So I will keep trying my best and hope for the best and support Fiona in whatever way I can.

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