Wednesday, June 4, 2014

10 year olds and privacy

KC and his girlfriend D have talked on the phone almost every night. They are a hoot to listen to.  There was a bit of trauma a few days ago when she invited him to see the movie "Malificent."  He has zero interest in that and is petrified of the idea of seeing that movie.  He is very easily frightened to put it mildly.  I said he'd have to be up front and tell her he didn't want to see it.  He was afraid to do that too but he did and she was fine with it.

Our town has a big fireworks event next Saturday.  I suggested to him that we arrange to meet up there with her family and see the display together.  So tonight, my sweet KC was sharing this on the phone with D.  Apparently things got confusing to the kids about where we would meet, when we would get together etc.  Meanwhile, I had adjourned to the bathroom.  Next thing I know, the door opens and KC is standing there with the phone.  He announces while holding the phone that D's mom wants to talk to me.  I ask if I can do that in just a minute. Sure, he answers and says into the phone "she will talk to you as soon as she is done in the bathroom."  I think I had a crimson face just talking to this woman on the phone afterwards.  

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