Saturday, June 28, 2014

Strolling in the Summer time

Today was our city's annual "Summer Stroll."  This event is one I look forward to every year.  The downtown is closed to everything but foot traffic.  The local vendors have free or low cost crafts for kids. There is lots of music and demonstrations of things.  There is food to buy or to just admire.Some of the food is even free.  My wife had a job in the morning so she met us down there. We arrived right on time because we did not want to miss the parade.  Actually K doesn't really love crowds or heat--both of which were very much in evidence today, so she wound up staying only an hour or so.  In true J-E Team fashion, the littles and i stayed till about 4 pm

We just take our time.  Lissa got a glitter tattoo.  KC bought himself a cookie from his favorite bakery.  We watched someone doing sand sculpture.  We listened to music while we noshed on pizza and drank free lemonade.  The kids played a number of free games.  Eventually, long after my wife had departed, the kids began to wilt a bit in the heat.

KC suggested that we look at a bead store that we have never been in before.  We went in and it turned out that you could make a necklace or bracelet right there on the premises.  We were the only people in the shop and the kids took their time, picking their beads (after I made sure they were not the really super duper pricey ones!)

KC wanted a beachy, ocean feel to his and spent a long time making sure that just the right shades of blue were found. I thought this was a bit odd as he is all about green. And there were hues of green aplenty in the store.  I found out afterwards that the bracelet was for me!  Good thing that my wrist is as skinny as his.  He let the shop owner measure his wrist for sizing for the bracelet!

Lissa chose some really pretty beads as well, more of an odd pinky brown color but really pretty.  And the total cost for over 20 minutes of contemplative fun for 2 kids?  $2.02!  I'll take that!

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