Friday, June 6, 2014

Exciting News!

It was just another Friday evening. I was cooking waffles on our giant waffle iron. Fridays are always breakfast for supper here and rotate between french toast, quiche or other egg dishes, pancakes and waffles.  Waffles are the most beloved of the options and of course the most labor intensive.  Probably explains why I did not hear the phone ring or notice Rob go out to take the call on his cell.  Next thing I knew he was standing there asking if Dee and Krystal, his bio sibs could come out tomorrow for a visit.  OMG! Of course, I answered and now we are trying to coordinate train schedules and pickups. Fiona is here for the day tomorrow and this is so fantastic for all of them.

I have always been the one pushing the first family connections and i know at times, people have wondered why.  Rob seems real settled.  Yup, he is.  Rob seems really happy. Yup, that too. Those two facts don't negate the fact that he has family beyond us, that he had a whole life  before us. He doesn't seem to ask about them, maybe he doesn't care.  Really???? Don't think so.  I agree, that my quiet guy has never been the initiator. But I always felt that I had to be. So that he could see that he could have contact whenever he wanted, on whatever terms he wanted. So that he would know I am not threatened, angry or disappointed when he gets together with them.

I suppose it helps that I genuinely love both these young people. But even if I didn't, I would want this contact.  They are part of the family, mine by the adoption of Fi and Rob, theirs by birth.  We are stronger for the connections we make in life, and I am excited that we will all get to deepen these tomorrow.

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