Monday, June 2, 2014

Happy Birthday Rob

 2006.  Rob was so little.  That picture there was on Maple Sugar Sunday years ago.  KC was tiny, but I am struck by how little Rob was back then.  He wore those camo pants everywhere that year.
 Rob a few years later celebrating St. Paddy's day.  Still young.
 On the left, one of the first shots of Rob and his girl friend. They have been together 2 1/2  years now.  Above, a picture of the kids from this Christmas.  The increased maturity in his face is so clear.  My baby's growing up.  June 2nd he will be 18.   It is hard to put into words how much I love this young man, and how special he is.  I don't know too many teens who are as genuinely good to their siblings as he is.  To kids in general. He has a personality that people gravitate to. A kind of friendly quiet steadiness that reassures.  Not a talker, Rob is a do-er.  I'll come home to find supper started more nights than not.  When we went camping one particularly chilly morning he got up and made the coffee for the two of us. A couple days ago, he offered to take Lissa to see a movie she has been dying to see.  He has a keen sense of humor that sometimes comes out of no-where. I think the quiet demeanor sometimes makes it more startling when he pops out with a zinger.

I am excited for him as he stands on the cusp of manhood--18 is so near on our horizon now!  But he will always be my boy. Tonight, we celebrate!

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