Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Where they want to be

My Rob invited his friend J to supper at our house tonight.  I don't mind--Rob does most of the cooking, I am more his sous chef and clean up crew.  I was surprised as Rob has a date with his girl friend tonight and was leaving at 5. I know they are planning on eating out as though it was Taco Tuesday (practically a religious holiday at our house at present) Rob only had one soft taco and went easy on his spicy salsa. LOL

After supper all the kids goofed around and then Rob went to get ready for his date.  Then he left for his date.  His friend J is still here. We have had games of frisbee, he has played whiffle ball with the younger kids. Seems to be having a grand time.  He and I chatted and he studied at the same martial arts studio where I earned my black belts so we have a bit of commonality there.  I find it a little odd he would just hang here after his friend left, but on the other hand, he seems happy.  I get the sense that there are some sad places in his life.  He definately was not used to everyone sitting down to dinner together the first time he came.  And there is an ease to the crazy antics at our house.  So he is welcome to hang for a while longer.

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