Friday, June 20, 2014

Graduates and Collegiates

It has been a whirlwind of milestones and memories here!  These 2 shots are from Fiona's graduation from the Great School in the Big City.   We were all there Wednesday to watch her walk and receive awards and give a speech.  Her composure was impressive. She looked lovely. She was happy.  She got to connect with so many school chums.  I confess I never thought I would see her walk down an aisle and graduate.  I am still amazed, and proud and glowing.  Her tassle for the hat (which she despised) is hanging by my computer, vivid proof that I am a soppy sentimental mom.  Fiona laughed when she saw it, as she is here for an overnight tonight.

Today was another excursion to the Big City for most of the family.  Rob had orientation at his college and K and the littles rode in on the train with him.  The littles love visiting museums in the city, exploring small eateries and finding green spaces.  They are pretty expert at public transportation and helped out the mom who is far less familiar with those aspects of transportation.  I sadly, had to work and was not part of the visit to the science museum or the swan boat rides etc.

Rob came back excited by his schedule (with perhaps the exception of a 7 a.m. English class which will necessitate a very early train!).  He is also enthusiastic about exploring some of hte sports teams that the college has.  I am so glad. This is what I want for him out of his college experience.  I am glad that he has the kind of personality that will be willing to dabble in new things.

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