Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Saturday revision

Well the weekend was full of excitement though the visit with Dee and Krystal did not come off as hoped for.  Dee called me Saturday and was at the train station in the Big City.  However Krystal had not shown up and was not returning his calls or texts.  Anger with his sister was evident in his voice. as was his worry that the mix up was going to seriously upset Fiona. He was going to come out on his own, which would have been fine with me, but in a cascade of family crisis, his fiancee called in on his phone and was ill at work.  She is expecting their first child and at that point I thought perhaps Dee ought not to come that particular day.  I explained that training to us put him about 90 minutes from her and that it would not be fast, if he should need to get back to her.  I said that Saturday was not like the only chance we had to come together. Fional is here twice a month, more if we can swing it with our schedules. We can do this and work it around Dee's work schedule.

I could hear his voice relax, and he asked if I would mind if he brought his fiancee out with him.  After all, he pointed out, Rob and Fiona would be aunts and uncles and he thought it might be appropriate.  I said it was absolutely appropriate and we would love to have them come out. He is going to let me know his work schedule, which he only gets a week at a time and we will set it up.  Before he and I hung up, he spoke again with Fiona to make sure she was not upset. The level of caring this young man has is impressive to me. He and Rob seem very similar in that regard.

Once the phone call was over, I was talking with all the kids about Dee and his fiancee and the coming of the baby.  Fiona is very excited to be an "auntie" and the little kids decided that of course they were going to be aunts and uncles too.  Then as one, all 4 kids looked at me and said "and YOU are gonna be a gramma!"  Which I guess in a roundabout way, I am.  I am not quite ready to be a gramma, but I am pleased that we are a well quilted enough family that there is never a "whose family is that?" kind of question here. It is a given that we are all family.

Thankfully I also had a back up plan in case the visit went awry and I took Rob and Fiona to see the movie Malificent.  She has been dying to see it and really enjoyed it.  I actually did too--I loved the concept of the good and the bad inside of each of us.  It is definately too intense for KC--those walking trees would just wig him right out--but still we all had fun.

I think that for Krystle the idea of coming here may be hard.  We keep in touch electronically and by phone and have for years.  But she was very nearly ours, and opted out.  I know because she told me--that she regretted that at one point.  I have tried to make it clear by my actions that I don't feel anger toward her and that I still love her and we are still family.  But I think it may just feel hard to her and thus the 11th hour bail.  I hope that after Dee and his fiancee have visited that maybe she will feel better about coming out. Or we can meet in the Big City and picnic on the common or something.  I am pretty persistant--somehow I will find a way for her to feel good about being around us.  It would be good for her and it would be wonderful for Fiona.

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