Sunday, June 1, 2014

Proms and Parties

Busy weekend here for my gang!  Yesterday we made a flying visit to Maine to see my mom and celebrate her birthday.  I am all about celebrating, and hey, when someone is over 80 you don't miss opportunities to celebrate with them!  The kids had a blast--she was thrilled--it was 5 hours of driving for a short visit but so worth it.

Then home to have the teen start getting ready for senior prom.  He was taking his girlfriend of 2.5 yrs.  That is him, all duded up in a fancy schmancy suit just before he headed to her house.   He even made sure he got a hair cut without being nagged by his moms so I would say he's growing up!

After K left to take him to TongYa's house, the littles and I went to work on his birthday mural.  Tomorrow he is 18 but he still wanted a birthday mural and a family party. Hey, I'm glad our home grown and fairly simple traditions mean so much--I'll do that for you any day.  We painted and used clip art and stickers to create a giant mural that pretty much encompased the interests that Rob has.  Skateboarding, biking, music, cooking, camping and sports are all represented, as are of course, all of us (including pets)

Today we shopped for his gifts from the littles and got the other party decorations.  Part of me can't believe he is turning 18, but we are going to have a blast celebrating that milestone!

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