Thursday, April 16, 2009

Birthday Prep

It's nearly party time again in our family. Tomorrow, KC turns the big 0-5! LOL He is about inside out with excitement. He decided he wants a "wiggles" party. The wiggles for the uninitiated are 4 weird guys who sing a lot of kids songs. They must either have been paid extremely well or on drugs. They are also, KC's present fave. Unfortunately all the Wiggles stuff on the birthday websites has been discontinued. A park mom last night told me that is because the show is no longer on the air. Maybe the Wiggles are presently doing time for the aforementioned substance issue I posited? Maybe they are hiding on a deserted island somewhere so that toddlers and preschoolers stop following them like the Pied Pier screaming "Big Red Car!" I don't know. I do know I didn't want to disappoint KC though. I managed to find a pinata and party hats with the wiggles, a cake topper and thank you cards, but that was it. Zippo on decorations, plates and the other stuff that goes with kiddy partys. However I did find an activity book with many pics of the Wiggles in it. So every night I have been drawing Wiggles placemats and posters for the dining room. KC proofs them in the morning and while Picasso I am not, I pass the 4 nearly 5 year old art test. LOL

Today I will get bright primary colored construction paper to back the placemats with and primary colored streamers and plates and we will be set to decorate tomorrow. On the plus side, it makes this a very cost affordable birthday! We have a CD of Wiggles music from the library and KC has informed us we will be singing so I might try to find some kazoos or something silly like that. And tomorrow, as KC informed me this morning, it will be time for us to all get wiggly!

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