Thursday, April 16, 2009

On the cusp of 5

Picture on the left is KC nearly 2. Picture on the right is KC nearly 5! In all my kids I see such changes and such growth in so many various ways. But in KC, possibly because he was a preemie and so very tiny and so very helpless for so long, the changes seem so profound. I remember how he wasn't longer than from the tip of my fingers to my elbow when we brought him home. How he didn't even have eyebrows and could only barely drink 2 oz of formula at a feeding.
Now, he is such a strong and purposeful little sprite. Full of energy and questions and music and love.
With each of my children my life has changed dramatically. With Chet there were the changes that come from being a parent for the very first time. The realization that someone else counted on you, needed you in ways that a partner didn't. There were growing realizations about his disabilities, and how life long some of those needs would be. With Rob, I learned about healing from trauma. How true healing sometimes needs to happen slowly, quietly and with gentle purpose. With KC I learned that bodies may seem fragile but spirits can be strong. With Elisabeth I learned that having two children close in age is a delightful gift and watching a different sort of bond build than that of my other children has been a huge gift.
It may be KC's birthday tomorrow, but truly I am the one who has the best gifts.

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Rambleman said...

Aww, he sounds cool and you sound so honored by his growth. *hugs*