Thursday, April 30, 2009

Yet another hair post!

have a couple pictures of Lissa's hair. One you can't really see all that well, but it was a french braid in the center back of her hair, with the rest of her hair free around it. That is the one in the orange dress where she is helping to make salad. That is her favorite cooking job. (in a totally non hair thing, all my kids have always had a favorite cooking chore. Rob was making pancakes, Chet was making cake, KC was making bread dough and Lissa is salad) She was getting the salad together for her godparent's visit last Saturday.

In the second photo you get a better view of today's hair. I did piggy back braids making a sort of headband in the front of her hair so that her hair in the back could be free. I like the look and it works well while I still mess around with learning corn rows and perfecting my french braids. I had originally planned for her to wear a twist style today but she demolished it this a.m. before she even got out of bed!

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