Friday, April 3, 2009

Visiting Grampa

Yesterday we made the trek to Maine to visit with my mom's husband. All ready frail, at 95 I think this cancer will take him quickly. For his sake I hope so. I don't want pain in his passing. I know he has been done with living for a long time. He has had to be in a nursing home for more than a year now as he needs extensive help with daily living and it had become far more than my mother (getting on in years herself) could handle 24/7

The visit went very well. My eldest held it together which is always a worry. His autistic issues make social situations awkward and potentially challenging always. I wanted his last visit with Ken to be a good one for both of them and it was. I spent the week prepping Chet at odd moments of things he could remember to tell his grandfather--things grampa would enjoy hearing about. Chet took this to heart and did a stellar job. His grandfather was smiling broadly.

Talking is hard for Rob so other than hugs and hellos he offered to play with Elisabeth and I let him do this. We were in a large activity room which offered her room to move after the long car ride. Ken liked watching the attentive way that Rob plays with is little sister and this too offered him joy.

KC had made many gifts for his grampa. He is always making things and I usually mail them, but I had saved the last 4 and that way KC could tell Grampa all about them. Then, because he is my showman he climbed up on the activity room stage and danced for everyone. LOL My mom is a retired dance teacher and especially enjoyed watching his self taught tap dancing.

So it went well. There are good memories for all to carry forward into the future. That is a gift not just for my kids, but my mom who is facing the loss of her husband, and for Ken who we love very much.

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