Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday hair

I suspect that as Lissa gets older I'll have one day, or one evening when I "do" her hair in a fancier style that will last the week. At least, that is what I seem to read about. The reality for a toddler who thinks she is a cross between a defensive linebacker for the NE Patriots and a flower fairy with a bit of Cleopatra diva thrown in. . . it is more like 3 or 4 days on a style if I am lucky. I know too that I am fussy about her hair. I have seen AA kids with their hair looking less than fine. But it is OK in the AA community because they are in a black family. In the black communities eyes it is totally not okay if I have my little diva darlin' looking less than fine. It looks like I don't know squat about her hair, black hair (capital H). So anyway, I also know that having well kept hair is important to Lissa's self image and her image as it is reflected back to her from her cultural community.

Dang, a whole paragraph to yak on that and I haven't even gotten to what I wanted to talk about. Which was her hair style! I did twists last night because they look so cute and she has been begging to use the flower snaps again and they look sweet with twists. But today Miss Lissa woke with a proverbial bee in her bonnet or hair across her hiney and was a crabby apple princess. I think this was in part that she had to stay home with Kirsty today and couldn't come to church with her brothers. Whatever the reason, she made sure we paid and paid. . . and did I say PAID? All day long in a myriad of ways, not the least of which was yanking on the twists and getting some of her pretties out. Which she would then throw around the room and say "sow-wy Ooma" with a little tee hee at the end that let you know she was so not sorry!

Tomorrow we are going to my corporate office's Patriots Day event. We get to see the Red Sox play someone. Tampa Bay I think. I am a Yankees fan, but it is a great day for the kids. And I don't want to bring my daughter looking like the wreck of the hesperus. So tonite after supper I took the twists and took them out and did braids and beads. This is not impossible for her to destroy but it does take a bit of intensive work. Hopefully she won't have the energy to invest in that enterprise because I had her outside a couple of hours playing today. Unlike some of my online friends that are having snow flurries today, we could and did enjoy more moderate spring temps and played at the park and in our back yard.

So here is a picture of Lissa with her new do. Let's hope it lasts a day or two!

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Anonymous said...

Aw, she is so cute! I am so impressed!