Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Watching the changes in my kids is exciting to me. Like on Saturday for instance, I saw a new more relaxed Rob during our visit with the kids godparents. He found safety in keeping his eyes on the ballgame, but was joking and chatting in a very funny, yet somehow a bit understated way. It was cool.

With KC it has been watching his thirst for knowledge. Always an eager learner, he is positively desperate to learn how to read and has been investing so much positive energy into that.

With Lissa, it came last night. She was drawing while I was cleaning up the supper dishes. I had given her a yellow marker and some blank paper. I had identified the color for her as she tends to name all colors pink! She nodded her head when I gave her the marker and then a few minutes later held up the paper. It was now pretty well covered in yellow and she said "Look Ooma!" "Sunny!" I was psyched.

Chet's milestone has been that he has not been yanking and pulling on his hair. Consequently it is much longer than usual (we usually have to shave it because otherwise he has caused damage to his scalp.) and he looks awesome!

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