Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hair Fun

You can't really see from the picture but there are all twists in Lissa's hair and they are held in place with these floral snap things. Sort of looks like a beltane priestess with her floral wreath. She and I have been having fun exploring hair styles. Most recently she had beaded braids but I forgot to take pictures before I started dismantling the style. I need to do something new for Easter, the braids were getting too fuzzy after days of play to look good for Easter Sunday.
I spend a lot of time on a list that is for adoptive parents learning to care for their black children's hair and skin. I troll Youtube whenever I have an odd minute looking at how black woman style their hair and their children's hair. It is important to me that Elisabeth's hair look good, that it be healthy and that it not look like a clueless white chick did her hair. One of my black friends said that for years her white step mom made her look like Minnie Mouse giving her two giant puffs on the top of her head. I know she has a deep loving bond with her step mom but I could tell that was not a happy memory.
Likewise I have spent considerable time researching products to use on her hair. Here I have found that ironically, the black community isn't always the best source of information. Traditional "greases" and the famous "pink lotion" are often recommended and they aren't really the best or healthiest alternatives for her hair. I have found some good products thanks to the list that I am on and to my obcessive research. K laughs about it. My Virgo nature is just analytical and I always find research reassuring and helpful. . . except when it comes to cornrows and french braids. Videos just aren't cutting it for me with those. I am going to have to find me a real live person to show me with their own two hands so that I can do that for Lissa!

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Anonymous said...

She looks great! I know I'd love to hear about your hair tricks (though I haven't posted mine yet and keep meaning to) and what you use. I've gotten into natural products lately, so my Lee just had her first baking soda rinse followed with apple cider vinegar. I retwist her locs with a mix of honey and olive oil, sometimes some shea butter.

I've never been able to do french braids on anyone, white or black. But I can flat twist, which is similar but only involves two pieces of hair instead of three. That's what Lee's wearing now, flat twists at the front and loose locs in the back. I wonder if that's something that would work with Lissa. It's not essential, but sometimes it's nice to have a style option for pulling hair away from the face.