Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hey I saw some sun!

You know, I don't know sometimes why I look forward to April. That old adage about the showers? Well it was based in reality. I have been feeling seriously sun deprived. I am a sun person. Always have been. I hate clouds. I can hack a day or two. And I routinely take the kids on walks in the rain, play games in the rain etc so that they can burn off energy and enjoy all aspects of nature. But my soul, it wants S-U-N. Finally we got some today and we spent a long time at the park tonight as a result. A good couple of hours so I have very tired children. It is funny. All our park friendships seem to just pick up where they left off. The kids remember each other despite a winter (a long long winter) apart. Their respective parents reconnect and we just had a grand time.

While I had the kids out, Kirsty prepared the clues for our annual Easter egg hunt. We don't do well with kids racing pell mell through the house looking for their Easter basket. My eldest tends to spin in circles in one place repeating that he looked everywhere. My middle guy would bowl over anyone for a piece of candy. The littles would be bowling pins. It would not be pretty. It would take the happy , the hoppy , the joy out of Easter faster than my vacuum sucks up dust bunnies. So we do a clue hunt. A clue hunt for each child. Takes some time to do but it is so nice to sit calmly in the kitchen and sip tea while they find their Easter joy! We don't do a lot of candy either. I am taking dum dum lollipops and turning them into flowers. They will look cute and they are not something that the kids will eat a billion of. At least not at once. The littles are getting sand toys. Rob will get a CD of his favorite music and my eldest hair color so he can do a funky do to celebrate spring.

Dinner is not fancy, but kid friendly and usually involves some kind of bunny cake or egg shaped cake for dessert. If the weather is nice, we'll go for a walk or a short hike afterwards.

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