Thursday, April 30, 2009

Swine Flu

I am not totally freaked over swine flu but I am decidedly alert to it. Sigh. A flu that no one has immunity to is not a good thing. Particularly since my wife is allergic to literally all antibiotics except zithromax and is prone to pneumonia. And guess what, is allergic to the stuff in the pneumonia shot so the Dr. told her 3 yrs ago she could never have one again. Hmmm not the stuff to gladden ones heart.

We are only about 30 minutes away by car from a community with 2 confirmed cases. I am not stopping the normal things we do but I am a bit more vigilent over hand washing. And I am opting out of big venue type things. For instance going to a large indoor stadium to see Sesame Street Live is no longer on my potential to-do list. KC saw the ad for this a few wks ago and I was sort of considering if we could swing taking he and Lissa but am not now.

I had someone come to my office yesterday who decided to put on those disposable gloves before she did her move in paper work. I am not at that stage yet, but I am also a wee bit of a sitting duck as tons of people from all walks of life and a wide variety of locations come through my office regularly.

On the plus side, in a totally not related topic, I did something cool and neat with Elisabeth's hair this morning. She had pulled out all the twists I put in at bedtime when I got her up. Sigh. Little sweet faced demon! And because she had mauled them when she took them out there was no way to create a style from their absence. So I sprayed and conditioned her hair, picked it through and then made two "headbands" from braids that went sort of diagonally across her head. They are not true cornrows but are "piggy back" braids, but it worked. And it let me leave the back 1/2 of her hair free today which I like to do every once in a while. I wanted to get a picture but had to leave for work. If it still looks good tonite I'll take a shot when I get home.

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