Saturday, May 2, 2009

And they're OFF!

OK I have my perennial problem figuring out how to load pictures. i would love to do it and be able to write near the picture. I would love to have them in the order on the blog that I think I am putting them on in, but alas. Technology and I have a very tenuous truce most of the time. Kirsty says I will probably master this when I learn how to turn on our television. She is most likely right. We had a blast today. The morning was very busy. We had to go to the post office to mail May baskets up to my mom, to the bank and then to a nearby town to a math and literacy fair. A friend of mine who is a teacher in a preschool program for disadvantaged youth was going to be there and invited us to come. There was so much to do and the kids had a blast. Well maybe not Rob, but he was good about it. They planted seeds, used home made playdough to make the shapes of letters, did some math games, listened to music, had a snack, made a musical instrument and entered a raffle for free! Truly, it was all good. I saw former residents of the apt complex that I work at and got to catch up with them a bit. From there we went and did our grocery shopping and went to the nearby Big Lots for some new curtains, welcome gifts for my niece's new baby boy and headphones for my eldest. Then we went to the craft store for supplies Robbie needed. He has to decorate a flower pot as a thank you gift to the fellow who has been his coming of age mentor at church this past year. The pot has to be decorated in such a way that it reflects something of their interests either separate or mutual, and what Rob got from the experience. Rob has a hard time translating thoughts like that into a symbol so it took a bit of time but we eventually came away with some good things to work with. From there it was the weekly trek to the library and then home. We have a good system for unloading the car, letting out the dog, and putting groceries away while I get lunch started. Lunch tends to be pretty big as they have been out all morning. (today it was egg and cheese lavash rollups with baby carrots, and cupcakes for dessert.) OK that is not gigantic but it is a hot, cooked meal which is what I think I was trying to say.
While Lissa napped the two middle boys helped me decorate the hats. We purchased the bodies of the hats at the craft store while we were searching for Robbie's things. Also some artificial flowers to make them true "Derby" hats. We never had time to make lemonade pie though. Had to settle for making lemonade and ordering pizza. I tend to pack a lot into a day but to somehow think that the 24 hours in the day are all free to me to use! Um, reality check, not so!!
Kirsty got home in time for the race. No one we chose won but it was a fun race to watch. And better yet, no horse was injured as in 2 previous years there have been sad and soboring racing injuries.
When you look at the hat pictures, what cracks me up is that Robbie was initially very pre-teen 'blase' about the whole thing. But once he had the shell of his hat, he went to town decorating it. Kirsty was at work so I made her hat for her. You can see Lissa and Chet in the next shot. Chet appropriately has a pink kitty hat. He adores the color pink and this was zany enough for him to buy into a family fun time. KC and I are in a shot together. You can see how over the top excited the whole day had gotten him.
So that was Derby day in our little corner of the world. Far away from Churchill Downs but very enjoyable none the less.

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