Monday, May 4, 2009

Planning Mothers Day

We have two celebration days in our house--Mothers Day which honors Kirsty and Ooma's Day for me. Otherwise neither of us could really relax and have the day be about us and the kids would be going 6 directions at once and getting stressed.

The kids and I have started planning Mothers Day. KC and I painted egg cartons on Sunday afternoon. They will become a vase of tulips. Really. I promise! I am not sure what to have Robbie work on and I better think quickly. He will be at a high ropes challenge for his coming of age program all Saturday so he won't have the day to work on things as he usually does. Typically he plants out a garden for her but this year, I might have him buy the plants with me on Friday and we can put them in our wagon with a big bow and an explanation of future planting. Chet has all ready made his card and I think Lissa will make a paperweight. The kids also want to get her some jewelry.

We also cook her a special breakfast. This year the tentative menu is fruit salad, orange marmalade buns, yogurt and tea. The cooking is all from scratch and Robbie's home school work for math on Wednesday will be to halve the recipe for me. It is supposed to make 7 pans of rolls and although they look divine even for our family that would be a LOT of rolls! LOL

We also are pressing some violets that are going to be glued onto either a placemat or a card--depends on where their creativity takes them. I love that they get excited about doing things for her, and I love that we have a time to do that and a way to show her how important she is to all of us.

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Rambleman said...

Sounds like an awesome day is planned. I have no idea what's going to happen for Rain. Hmm....