Saturday, February 5, 2011

Social Network Saturday

Boy did I need Satuday this week!  My "new" job is stressful right now.  New is in quotes because technically I have the same job. I work in the same office at the same falling apart desk. But I answer to new people and this changes the landscape of my work greatly.  I am working very hard to show that I am willing to embrace all the new changes that are being thrust at us and am finding myself in the unenviable position of receiving emails that say "I am emailing you because it is clear that you have become the go-to person ."  Why am I the go to person?  Because my boss is very resistant to change.  He thinks if he keeps fighting it that he will win.  I am way less sure that is the way to go particularly in this economic climate. Despite the differences that I have with my boss, we have worked together for many many years.  I hate conducting myself in a way that is absolutely going to result in an unfavorable look for him.  But the alternative is that we both look unwilling to change or incompetant and I can't do that.  Nor would I, honestly. 

So Saturday has been very welcome here!  Despite the cold weather, the snowbanks as high as K2, the freezing drizzle, it has been nice.  We had a dinner of lentil meatloaf, with a rice side dish and corn.  My crazy kids requested that I make lemon jello mousse for dessert so that is what we had.

I watched Social Network with Rob the other night and was struck by how many of the characters's behaviors are so like my eldest son.  The one glaring difference being that the Facebook creator was whiz with computers and Chet destroys them.  LOL  But the difficulty with relationships  the need for accuracy with minutia, the social awkwardness and compelling desire for approval-- even the strange stare, it was eerily my son.  Which doesn't much tie into the front end of my blog post but that kind of randomness has been the way my brain has been lately!


GB's Mom said...

My brain always works that way unless I rein it in. I am finding as I get older, I am less inclined to be rein myself in.

Sunday Koffron Taylor said...

Mr. Sunday and thought it was an excellent movie. We prefer dialog heavy movies, and honestly I love snarky!

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