Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy Balance

Sunday was a busy day.  My wife had the day off to do as she wished so she left home mid day and we would not see her till nearly 8 last night.  I am a good planner and typically a day with just the kids and I is no big deal. But Sunday had a bit of a twist to it. 

I had committed to helping with a 9 a.m. multigenerational service.  Then weeks after that commitment, the Religious Ed committee that I co-chair had to change their meeting to that same day.  At 12:15.  As my church is 30  minutes from my home, going home and then coming back would be a waste of gas and not an option.  Also I felt I needed to find something that broke things up for the kids in a way that made the day see fun.

Luckily for me, my kids love Friendlys restaurants for breakfast.  Though we had breakfast at home at 6:30ish, we had "brunch" at 10:30 at the restaurant.  The venue was much closer than my home, it re-fueled the troops and they were so thrilled to be there. They ate like steveadores, even KC who is my picky eater and has been somewhat off his feed ever since he got sick a couple weeks ago.  Rob enjoyed being able to order coffee with his meal.  This is his new "grown up" thing that he does on occasion.  He asked if he could have coffee once in a while.  I'd rather coffee than the energy drinks that have significant health concerns, so I let him have coffee once or twice a month.  It seems to be enough to seal the "coolness" factor for him. It tends to be a lot of creamer and sugar with a little coffee LOL which cracks me up as I drink my coffee black with nothing but caffeine in it.  I have also explained to him how coffee has different brews and different places will make it differently so he will likely develop a favorite place for it.

After the brunch we got back to church close to the second service ending and giving just enough time to clean up the kids and do bathroom breaks before I had to get into the meeting.  The little kids play with Rob and his best friend at church when I am at the meeting. (Rob's friends mom serves on the committee with me) The fellowship room is large and they have ample space to play games there.

I love when finding a balance between needed activities and fun activiites work out well!

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