Sunday, February 13, 2011

Extinct Dinos

Today our church put on the second production of the play that the kids have been working on for about 6 weeks.  We missed the Saturday p.m. performance because my two youngest are not really feeling well.  They still are not but mid day is more do-able for semi-cranky little ones.  And KC was set to sell tickets and while he did not want to perform he very much wanted to do this task.  So off we went. Lissa was to be a dinosaur with her class but she bailed on her stage debut.  She is not typically shy so I am not sure if it is the not feeling well factor or something else but she had zero interest in getting up there.  So she sat in the audience with KC and Rob and I.  Cuddled in my arms very sweetly, actually.  The family who sat behind us have a little girl they are adopting from foster care who is about 18 months old and also AA.  Lissa and the little girl spent the majority of the play making silly faces at each other. It was really funny to watch.

Thorn spoke a few days back about her little one regressing as she made other developmental strides forward.  I see that often as well. Lissa has made some amazing strides lately in letter recognition and in working to write lettes.  She can write her name, has written "MOM" and with minimal help could write "LOVE" on her valentines.  She is less of a visual learner than KC.  Instead, she responded well to learning to make the letter E by my first having her make a capital L and then modifying the letter from there.

But those leaps I think leave littles feeling like they are needing their familar safety nets back. Suddenly she felt the need to co-sleep again.  She is wanting to be cuddled and carried more than is customary.  And not a bit of that bothers me. It is just an interesting dynamic.  I think it shows really clearly why kids who don't have a nurturing home life can often have developmental delays.   I am glad that my kids are not afraid to reach out for comfort.

I need to write a post on Lissa's speech too, but that is for another day.  Now I need to focus on some piece work and getting ready for Valentines Day and facing the work week. Oy!

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Sunday Koffron Taylor said...

I have noticed my kids do the same thing. It does make me feel for those who do not have they same kind of support and empathy our kids have.