Monday, February 7, 2011

Making news

Work is so weird lately.  Both my co-worker and I feel like hamsters on those silly wheels. Running in place and getting nothing done. Things are compounded by the fact that my boss who is in his late 60's or maybe early 70's does not get email.  So when he has to answer emails we have to run in and do it for him on his computer as if he was answering it.  Really.   Even I can do email!  Sheesh.

Then last week there was a story done on our property and the sale and the new company. We were told to speak to the nice reporter lady when she came out and to "smile".  LOL  OK, we did.  My boss spoke and spoke and spoke.  I said like two sentences.  I was quoted in the article.  With the dreaded new title that my company has bestowed upon me. My boss was not.  Some might think this is cool.  It is going to make my boss insane if he finds out.  My co-worker and i hid the Saturday paper so he would not see it.  At least till I figure out how to try and spin this. He is the type who will think I did this on purpose because I want his job.  These days I can barely do my own, he doesn't have to worry about me poaching his! LOL


Mama Drama Times Two said...

Work Politics. Eeewwwww. Did the kids think it was cool that their Ma was famous in the paper???

Lee said...

The kids don't even know about the article! LOL It was really such a tiny quote. Thankfully, we seem to have done well helping my boss to understand that I had no choice over who the reporter quoted.