Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Kirsty!

 Happy Birthday to my beloved!  I don't know how she takes such good pictures of herself?  I truly can't master that and the ones I snapped during the party don't reflect the amazing weight loss journey she has undertaken these past 7 months.  So I opted to post the shot she took herself and save the cake cutting one etc for some other thing--like the kids scrapbooks. (they are so incredibly proud of their cake, though they discovered fondant tastes disgusting!) LOL
 The gang chose absolutely the biggest party hats I have ever seen in my life. KC was thrilled that he was able to have a green one.  He looks pretty happy for a guy who has a really yucky cold going.  But he is all about party!
 And this guy is all about party too.  Chet was excited to finally give K her birthday gift. . . that he bought 6 months ago.  Really.
 And Miss Lissa of the sparkly purple hat, got to be one of the gift passers this  year.  A huge deal in our house, the passing of the gifts is a much coveted honor.  You can get a wee glimpse of the table  cloth in this shot too.  It was very cool.  Sort of holographic so that it looked purple in some lights, pink in others and blue in still others.
And Rob!  The batteries were dying at this point, but Rob is my balloon person extraordinaire.  He finished the final decorations to the dining room and everything looked so cheerful and welcoming when I walked through the door bearing supper.

It was a great party and she had a great day.  And she even told me tonight that she was looking forward to Valentines Day.  I almost fell down.  Truly.  My wife has ALWAYS bitched complained that Valentines Day was created by Hallmark.  I have rather loudly differed for many years.  I figure there can never be too many times to take a moment and say that you love someone. And so I just have kept on ignoring her moaning for years.  And little family parties are fun. Glitz and glitter and fun in the midst of winter.  When I asked her about the sea change, she smiled and said that she likes the way we do Valentines Day.  So now I gotta make some Valentines!

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Lisa said...

Happy belated birthday to Kirsty. From the looks of it she had a great day!