Monday, February 7, 2011

F is for Fondant

Saturday the kids and I went to get party supplies for K's birthday.  We basically just needed pretty plates and a table cloth, disposable cups and party hats and candles.  I am not sure K feels we need party hats but my kids can not envision a party sans party hats. So we got all that, AND balloons and chinese paper lanterns that were the same shade of pretty blue that we chose for her plates. (the plates have a big hydrangea on them and I am hoping that it will remind K of summer and her truly spectacular hydrangea that bloomed so prolifically)

The funny thing that happened was as we walked up the aisle after choosing candles.  As one, I truly had 3 voices shout:  "Ooma, look, FONDANT!"  Now to back up a bit, my kids love to watch Cake Boss and some other cake challenge show that is on Food Network.  I suspect they know considerably more about cake decorating than I do. 

I looked at the little pre made roses in my hand and at their happy little faces and let them pick out the color fondant they want and some cutters for them and of course, a fondant roller because they assured me everyone needs that. (I drew the line at the fondant smoother! LOL) 

All I can say is thank the goddess they didn't look up one level and see gum paste!  ROFL


Christy said...

If it's not to late, you can make fondant with marshmallows and shortening.
It's cheaper, easier to work with and tastes sooo much better! No special roller needed ;-)

You have to knead it, but that is not too hard, although it will likely tire the children out! Very easy.

Lee said...

Wow! Thanks for the fondant tutorial link. I didn't have time to try it for this cake but we love to celebrate here--I will definately use this!