Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Getting testy with the social worker!

D's social worker that is--Rob's bio brother.   I have been trying for about 7 weeks now to get a mailing address for D from her.  It started with wanting to send him a birthday card.  His birthday is in January.  I started a week ahead.  I didn't realize this was like applying for a passport and one should start 8 months ahead! And I figured a birthday card was that kind of innocous thing.  But I got the feeling when he was here visiting and saw Rob's scrapbook that there had not been a lot of parties and such in his life and thought a card would be a good thing., I sort of figured someone would ANSWER my email.  Then I thought, well heck maybe they would answer a phone message.  Or ANOTHER email.  Amazing Jane even wrote two emails to this social worker on my behalf.  She also gave me the social workers supervisors contact info which sort of makes me wonder if she has had a few go rounds with this person. 

But today, work was crazy. I am manning (womanning?) our office alone for a few days and so it is even more crazy than usual. And I am working longer hours which is not delighting my children here at home.  So it made me testy enough to write a really curt, very professional and clinical sounding email to this woman.  Must have scared the be-jesus out of her too becuase in 20 minutes I got an email back from her!!

She said that she would suggest contact to D at their next meeting. I hate being a B&*ch.  It really isn't my nature, but I guess sometimes being nice is not the best course of action.  She also implied that D would not want contact because of his own issues.  I hope that is not the case and that contact with Rob and perhaps friendship with us could be something good in his life. He is always friendly when we manage to connect on FB. It is just that neither of us is on consistantly so contact is sporadic at best.

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