Thursday, July 18, 2013

Baby it's hot outside!

97 or so last night when my wife drove in to get Rob from work.  Also humid so I know it effectively feels hotter.  I am okay but it is really bothering KC.  Lissa and Rob and Chet seem okay but it is a challenge keeping KC hydrated enough.  You think he is and then all of a sudden he just becomes a dishrag.  I have been periodically putting cool clothes on the back of his neck as well and that seems to help.

Tuesday night when K was driving in to get Rob from a date she said the van was making a clicking sound when she was idling.  Not all the time but sometimes.  We called our trusty mechanic right away the next morning and brought it over.  We thought maybe a belt or a timing chain.  Nope. The oil pan was bad and it had almost no oil left!  Also needs front brakes as they were a whisper away from getting ready to grind, and had a few other issues as well.  It will be a pricey repair (sigh) but it is ready for 7:00 a.m. today (yay!) and it is safe.  The kids and I leave next Wed at 3:30 for another camping jaunt with friends so I am extra glad to know that it is ready for another extended drive.

And Fiona is coming Friday evening to spend the night and Saturday. KC and Lissa have an annual summer party coming up in August. I got the invites out and now need to figure out goodie bags and games etc.  Wow, summer is always so busy and so much fun.

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