Thursday, July 11, 2013

Camping chaos

We leave for our first camping trip of the summer tomorrow!  I am so not ready.  Ready emotionally? Sure! Packed?  Um, not so much!  I have the little kids clothes together and will get mine ready before I leave for work today.  A lot of the supplies are gathered in kind of a central staging area but the actual packing will not be able to be done until late tonite or early tomorrow morning.  My wife needs our van when she goes to work and she will not be home till after 8 p.m. Such is life, we will make it work.

I am extra glad to be going camping as there was an unbloggable incident at work yesterday that was really tragic.  I need to be away for a bit and decompress or the sadness will be too much. So I am focussing on the joy our kids always have for any camping adventure and trying to plan the packing in my mind so that when the vehicle is actually in the yard I can load it in the quickest and most efficient manner possible.

I had another exciting bit of news this morning! I opened up Facebook and saw that i had a message from Rob's sister Crystal! She said she had not been in touch with us in so long and was sorry and gave me her phone number.

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