Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Rob's first day at work

The above picture was taken Sunday when Fiona was out for a visit.  For some reason, zany shots work well for my tribe.  They all look more themselves, which is probably a polite way of saying my house is kind of crazy most of the time! LOL

Today was Rob's first day of work.  I am so proud of him for getting the application right in when the opportunity came up.  It is not as convenient for the parents as if he had found a job in our community.  But it is a job.  And I was able to negotiate a slight adjustment to my hours for the 6 weeks of his employ.  (it is only 3 days a week, so it is really only 18 days but I am grateful to my company for their kindness.)  As it is, he does have to wait about 15 minutes for me to arrive as i have to stop home first, trade cars with my wife so she has the van for work, and load the littles into our Scion to make the run to get him.  But it is summer. It is not like he is standing in arctic winds waiting for me. We will all survive.

We were also pleasantly surprised to find that he is being paid $9.00 per hour.  That makes the inconvenience a little nicer as well as most kids only get minimum wage in our city.  Rob just seemed very proud when I picked him up tonight.  I am glad that he has this opportunity to stretch his wings, to learn some new skills and to work in a place that helps troubled kids.  The agency where he is doing his internship focusses on teens in crisis.  Rob's calm demeanor and innate friendliness make him a good candidate for being a person who can help knock down some barriers that tough experiences sometimes cause in others.

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