Monday, July 29, 2013

Back to Reality!

We are back from our second camping jaunt, this one to Moose Hillock Campground in NH.  We love this campground and wanted to return after discovering it with friends last year.  It has a phenomenal pool, truly the largest I have ever seen but the pool is no more than 4 foot deep anywhere.  For KC this was ideal as he wanted to practice his swimming skills.

With Kirsty's changed work schedule and how busy our summer has been, there was not a way to fit in swim classes this year.  KC has been extremely annoyed that he was still required by me to wear a swim vest but most places that we swim, it is necessary.  Drop offs surprise weak swimmers and I watch a lot of kids at once, usually on my own.

Here he could and did, practice without the vest.  He just kept at it and by the end of day two was swimming 12 solid crawl strokes with out touching the bottom.  He was elated!!

Lissa's excitement was losing a tooth while we were camping--poolside to be exact!  But thankfully we had our little fishing tackle box and left the tooth in that on our picnic table and she visited while we slept. Fishing was another thing the littles got to try at the campground.  They keep a stocked pond especially for young fisher folk and while they caught nothing, they had a blast trying.

My wife came up Saturday after work and spent Saturday night at the campground with us. We broke camp early Sunday morning but then drove to Santas Village to spend a few hours together as a family.  While the kids and I have been a number of times, K has not been with us due to her work.  The last time she was there with us, KC was a babe in arms of 4 months old and Miss Lissa had not been born yet!  So it was extremely special to be there together.  Rob is growing up so fast (young female  clerks at theme parks were totally smitten by him and trying to get his attention this summer) It is unlikely that we will all be together again  at that park in another year.

It has been hard to get used to how noisy it is here in the city since we returned.  I don't usually notice it except after spending time in the woods.  But last night you would have thought I would sleep blissfully in my own bed.  Instead, car horns and voices kept disturbing my slumber.  By tonight I will be used to things again, or too exhausted to hear the cacophony!

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