Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sick Vans and crazy schedules

This is our tent that we use when the kids and I go camping. It is easy to set up and very spacious. The spacious part is important because my Chet has anxiety if things are too close around him and he starts flailing around. Tents don't respond well to that! LOL

But I am not camping right now. I am in the real world.  The world of crazy schedules.  Said schedules just got crazier as last night our van started making an odd noise when idling.  If the van goes to the shop we are a family of one car and 3 people who have jobs to get to.  Ugh. Somehow we will work it out. X  your fingers and toes it is not an expensive repair though.

On Friday, Fiona is coming out for an overnight visit.  She and KC want to see a new Disney movie that is on TV Friday night and are very excited to be able to watch it together.  We had a good call last night. We talked about the double overnights that I know she wants. I explained that our schedules are very crazy and that when she is here we want to spend time with her, not just drag her around while the kids get to all the places they need to go.  I can rearrange successfully for one night, but two is much harder. We were able to approach it successfully from this angle and not have to talk about what Jane calls "the elephant in the room." (her past destructive and dangerous behavior at our home)

I was glad about that. I know that Fiona still can behave in that manner and likely will not ever be able to fully control it  because of her mental health issues.  But that also makes it important to me to not make it something that I focus on so that she feels there is something wrong or a lack of some kind in her.  Because if you can't change it, it is part of who you are and you need to know that you are loved and you are family always.

The other interesting thing was that Fiona is writing a letter to her birth mom J.  They have sporadic correspondence.  She wanted to send a photocopy of the family picture we had done at church to J with the letter.  I thought that was pretty amazing and a sign that in her heart, Fiona is really feeling that we are family.  I said that was fine with me.

Now off to the crazy day!

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