Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Locs for Lissa?

I have spent the week putting smallish two strand twists in Lissa's hair.  I thought it would hold up well for camping jaunts--we leave again after I get out of work today.  I did not finish her whole head, sadly. There is a small bun on the top of her head with the conditioned but untwisted section that I just did not have time to get to.

However, Lissa loves all that I have done so far.  She asked me yesterday morning if she could have locs. (actually she called them dreads because she knows them as that from my Bob Marley poster)  I have no problem with her having locs but I would want them even a bit smaller than the twists I did for camping.  I want to be able to do other styles with them for special occasions and pull them into a bun for dance recital etc.

I was surprised she asked as I have always wondered if locs would be a good fit for my very energetic on the go daughter. But I thought it would be something that would come up when she was older. Which then led to my typical overthinking of situations that involve the fact that my daughter is black and I am white.

* Would letting her have locs be perceived as trying to reduce hair time or hair responsibilities for myself?
* Would people think this is a decision that should happen when she is older?

And on. And on.  Meanwhile I watched her dance to kidzbop in front of a mirror very much shaking her head so that her hair could fly around.  So I wrote to Rob's cousin N who is a cosmetology graduate and asked her opinion. She wrote right back and said not only did she think it was fine  and very age appropriate these days but she would be willing to get together with me and do it for us. She was super nice about it.  We are going to talk more when I get back from camping.

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Anonymous said...

My daughter had locs from age 2 until a couple of weeks ago, when she turned 21. She decided to cut them off and go with a short hair cut.

They served her well for many years. I never even thought of the fact that someone might think I wasn't invested. We did it initially because Fi would almost throw up each and ever time we did her hair.

Later, it was a perfect fit for a kid who really enjoyed swimming, sports and didn't want to spend a ton of time on her hair. She wanted to be outside and having as much fun as her friends.

Now, who knows what she will do? I know she felt the locs fit her well for many, many years.