Thursday, July 4, 2013

4th of July

Happy Birthday America!  We will be celebrating with a BBQ in our back yard and our friends (and the kids god parents) will be coming over.  This is the first year we have ever done this when Rob was was not here. The one other time he was at camp over the 4th we waited till he got home to have the BBQ  This year, due to camping trips, his new job, and K's weekend jobs, we can't do that.  It feels a little bit weird to me--OK a lot weird to me--but I know that he is getting to the stage in his life when more of his life is less about us.  So it is maybe a good first step for all of us. He did not seem upset that it was happening.

Our neighbors may also be coming over, though that is less certain. The littles apparently invited them.  Last night the adults checked with me and I said it was fine, but if they like meat, our BBQ's are always BYOM. LOL  Their son B spends a lot of time here and has helped make the decorations for the BBQ and wants to help get ready today so I hope that he at least gets to come.   He has been eating supper here a lot too, which I don't care about either, but last night I found out why.

His little brother is temporarily back on a feeding tube but prior to this illness had been able to eat solid food.  He is missing the real food and so the family does not eat in front of him. Supper waits till P has gone to bed and for B that has a lot of nights meant a bowl of cereal.  So he comes to our house and has supper with my two littles.  Sometimes they have been eating in the kitchen but a lot of times they are having a picnic on the front porch.

Tomorrow I need to make a birthday cake for my mom's new gentleman companion and we have to get the shopping done and visit the library. The kids have been working on the summer reading program like crazy and can not wait to get their prizes.

Saturday I drive to Maine to get Rob and then over to my Mom's to bring cake and presents to Griff.  Sunday Fiona comes for a day visit.  I think we might go see a puppet show as she was intrigued by the explanation of it that the littles shared with her.

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