Saturday, July 6, 2013


I am up at my accustomed early morning hour, recovered from the events of the 4th!  We had a wonderful 4th during the day; Visiting with dear friends, chatting with the neighbors that joined us, it was all good.  However other neighbors apparently fell out of the stupid tree and when darkness fell they lit a huge bonfire and began setting off fireworks. Not little fireworks.  Big fireworks of the kid we typically see when we go to the town celebration.  Big fireworks that are unsafe in a densely populated area, particularly when the method of setting them off involved throwing them into their bonfire. Yup, isn't that how the pros do it?

Needless to say, it woke the littles.  Over and over again.  Several of us eventually called the police.  We were all reluctant to do so.  These folks are fairly new to the neighborhood and it doesn't seem that calling our city's finest on them is a great way to build neighborly relations.  But at midnight we called.  So did several other abutters.  Unfortunately our city's finest could see the fireworks from our street but could not figure out where they were setting them off.  Said neighbor has a back yard that is much lower than his street level home and they had all the lights off in their home so the police did not get their speedily due to the confuson.  By 1:30 a.m. it was fairly quiet.  And we could finally sleep, knowing some errant firecracker was not going to land on our roof and burn us down.

So yesterday we were tired. The kids were tired.  It was hot.  It was a plethora of cranky here!  But last night, all was quiet, and though it was hot, the majority of us slept well.  So today, we woke full of energy and our usual cheer, with the extra excitement of knowing the kids and i set off soon to bring Rob home from camp!

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