Saturday, July 20, 2013

Fiona gets sick

So yesterday afternoon Fiona arrived.  Despite my best efforts she was still not dressed for the near 3 digit temps we have been experiencing.  I know looking fashionable is really important to her so I did not say anything.  Rob and I got supper going and she eventually changed into something marginally more weather appropriate and we all had a light supper.

All the kids, even Chet, were excited to watch Teen Beach Movie so we cleaned up the kitchen and they hung outside a bit and then I had everyone have showers to cool down before the movie.  At 8 I gave Fiona her nightly meds.  15 minutes later she was violently ill in the bathroom.  This freaked her out as she is blessed with really good health, only very rarely has she been ill and it is usually of the sniffles variety.

I cleaned the bathroom and Fiona.  And cleaned the bathroom and Fiona.  Numerous times as she continued to be sick.  I found a really old pair of shorts that had a drawstring waist, and was able to adapt them so she could wear those instead of her sleep pants which were long and made of jersey.  Gave her cool clothes and sips of water, and a cool pack to  place under a towel on her pillow.

We called the school so that they could check with the nurse on the ramifications of her missing her meds--some of hers are substances that are stronger than what I am used to.  I did not know if her being unable to hold down a dose posed any type of risk to her well being.  The nurse said to give her  a med that she can take as needed to hold her through the night.  I did not try this till about 10:15 when her stomach seemed to finally settle.

I felt badly as she so wanted to watch the movie with the kids and they had planned this together.  On the plus side, she reached out to me for comfort that I was able to provide in some measure.  She was on my bed so I lay on the other side and just talked with her quietly to help her not feel alone and frightened.  We talked about the silly story of how my room got to be the shade of blue that it is, where the art came from, all about my martial arts display etc. She said she was glad I was there so she did not feel lonely and scared.

Periodically I would get up and check on the rest of the troops as my wife was working.  But once I checked on them, I could get back to Fi.  She eventually was able to sleep and still is as I write this.  I had thought today we would visit a lake for some swimming but will leave that up to how she feels this morning.

At any rate, we got through it all and it was a chance to show her with actions that I am Mom even when things are yucky scary and hard.

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Dia por Dia said...

Oh no. So sorry she got sick but it sounds like something good came out of this. My oldest still doesn't even tell me if he is sick and the mess to clean up once I find out is beyond words. :(