Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Best Time of Year

This was one of the rides we went on during our recent camping trip.  It is a water ride and as you bump and spin your way down the "river" you get soaked by geysers and hoses and all manner of water sprayers.  I was busy taking everyone's picture on the ride and almost fell out of the darn thing when we spun around at the same moment we slammed against the side of the water run.  Guess that is why they make us wear seat belts!  LOL

I heard geese honking this morning.  There is still summer fun ahead but it was a reminder that the wheel is turning and we are on the shorter side of summer now.  I do a lot to always remind the kids that every season has opportunities for fun and is to be looked forward to. But the reality?  I could totally live with perpetual summer.  So mature, I know.

I love the long days and hot nights. I love camping and farm stands.  Fresh corn and home made tomato bruschetta on italian bread.  (This Thursday nights supper for those who are wondering!)  So I plan on soaking up every minute of joy for the remaining weeks.  I will have pictures, memories and stories to look back on when I am shivering in 3 layers of woolies this winter!

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