Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Good News!

Yesterday was a good day. Really really good day. Robbie's glaucoma check up was excellent with his ocular pressure just where his doctor wanted it. Huzzah! Additionally, we don't have to return for another check until March and the end part of March at that.

Then my co-worker called and Robbie won the football pool. OK I know some people might feel that one should not encourage a child to gamble. But I figure it is $2.00 a week for 16 weeks. And I use the pool to talk about math things, averages, probability, win/loss ratios etc. It makes something that isn't fun for him more personal and enjoyable. He has participated since last year. He has come close to winning a couple of times but yesterday he got the call that he had won. I should add too that most other participants in the pool are adults so there is the added cachet of knowing you beat out a bunch of grown ups and have money to show for it! What could be better for a 12 year old boy?

In the afternoon I took Chet and Rob to the doctor for their flu shots. (got mine as well.) This too went well. Rob has a bizarre fear of needles but he kept his eye contact with me, didn't fight the experience and it was over before he knew it. Definately earned his ice cream reward.

So couple that with the Halloween tea party and the day was really just nice. I guess that proves it doesn't always take much to make me happy but I went to bed feeling extraordinarily blessed.

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