Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Halloween Tea Party

KC considers any day that I am home to be a "play day." LOL Last night he informed me that we were going to have a tea party today. I figured, why not. However he remembered that sometimes Kirsty and Robbie get home from the glaucoma appointments early and was afraid they would arrive before we had a chance to have a tea party. So at 9 a.m. I was informed it was indeed party time!

We took red construction paper and made big yellow full moons out of some sticky paper and then I cut out the letters to the word "boo". KC attached the moons and the letters to each placemat.

I took our sugar cookie dough and KC and Lissa cut out little moon shaped mini cookies. These baked and then we frosted and adorned them with sprinkles. While they cooked I took some old party hats (those cone shaped things) added a wide black brim and voila, instant witch hats. This and ice tea was ceremoniously served to KC and Lissa on his little table and the tea party was declared a huge success. I took pictures that hopefully came out so that Kirsty and Robbie can see what we were up to while they were gone.

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