Friday, October 31, 2008

KC's Song

And a Halloween memory I know i don't want to forget. . . This morning I went upstairs to see if KC and Elisabeth had yet awakened. The older boys were all ready downstairs and almost done with breakfast. I heard KC singing, a little song he obviously had made up himself. It was about how today was Halloween day and how happy he was and how tonight he would go trick or treating. I paused at the landing of the stairs, caught in the magical moment my 4 year old was creating. I thought he was perhaps singing this song to his sister, wakening her to share his excitement. But no, seconds later he appeared at the top of the stairs, still rosy with sleep, his "blank" tossed over his shoulder, singing to himself.

It would have been cute if he was singing this to his sister but there was also something special about the fact that he could quietly and happily sing his joy for himself. I think truly happy people don't have to have someone else make the happy for them. It wells up from within themselves and I am so overjoyed that this is the case for KC.

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